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Vinyl Mattress vs. Nylon Mattress

When deciding what kind of mattress to buy for a dormitory or transitional housing type of facility one of the first decisions that must be made is – vinyl or nylon? Both vinyl mattress and nylon mattress fabrics have positives and negatives. The information here in this article will hopefully make the decision process a […]

Foam Mattress Vs. Innerspring Mattress

Institutional and Dormitory Mattress with Waterproof Covers: Foam Mattress vs. Innerspring Mattress The information here is geared toward decision makers in student housing, group homes, transitional housing, camps, detox and rehab facilities. People always ask “should I buy a foam core mattress or an innerspring mattress for my facility?”  The answer to this question has […]

Hotel Mattresses: Two Sided vs. One Sided

Hotel Mattresses Manufacturers started making one sided mattresses and marketing them as “no flip.” Sales exploded. Consumers loved the idea of not hassling with flipping their mattress.  Most consumers stopped buying two sided mattresses for themselves because most never flipped their two sided mattress when they had one.  The trend has perpetuated itself and now […]

How long should an institutional mattress last?

I often get questions about how long “should” last, or more specifically how long my waterproof institutional mattresses will last. This is a very tricky question because it depends on a few different factors. For example, how is the mattress being used? Are there adults sleeping on the mattress or kids? Is it a dormitory mattress […]