Slumber Shield Mattress Protector

Protect your investment with SlumberShield®!

Add  Slumber Shield mattress protectors to both our quilted mattress & fluid proof dorm mattresses for extra protection. Protect your investment in quality rest!

SlumberShield™ Mattress Protectors and Encasements have been designed with the most advanced engineering to create a safeguard against Bed Bugs, dust mites, mold, allergens and liquids.

Slumber Luxe State-of-the-art technology has enabled us to create our proprietary Breathe-a-Barrier™ which provides the most comfortable, air ventilated, noiseless layer of security available, one that allows air to pass through, enabling mattresses to breathe and retain freshness.

Slumber Luxe™ Mattress Encasements are a critical tool in managing infestation which is fraught with costly chemical elimination of the insects which multiply quickly and burrow deep within mattresses and box springs. An impenetrable encasement product is vital to insuring the ultimate protection against Bed Bugs, as well as dust mites, allergens, mold and moisture for mattresses and box springs of all sizes.

Thank you for considering Slumber Luxe to be your bed bug and dust mite solution. Our mattress encasement products are 100% guaranteed.

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SlumberShield™ guarantees that all Mattress Protectors and encasements are:
  • Breathable
  • Impermeable
  • Waterproof
  • Non-allergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Guaranteed bedbug protection
  • Protects against dust mites, allergens, mold, bacteria as well
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